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GWC 500-19 Writer's Workshop in the Elementary Classroom is a Course

GWC 500-19 Writer's Workshop in the Elementary Classroom

Ended Feb 26, 2021
1 credit

Full course description

Event Sponsor: *

Bismarck Public Schools

Event Contact Name: *

Tina Pletan

Position or Title: *

Literacy Coordinator

Event Contact Phone: *

(701) 323-4052

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Event Location: *

Bismarck Public School

Event Start Date: *

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Event End Date: *

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Objective and Outcomes: *

Teachers model writing using a mini-lesson that is focused on the craft of writing, not just mechanics/conventions
Teachers engage students in multiple forms of writing genres throughout a trimester
Teachers plan a mini-lesson that is tied to strategies/standards determined from observation and assessment
Teachers have a closure to the writing workshop so students can independently reflect on their own writing
Teachers provide many opportunities for students to talk about their ideas and writing (turn and talks)
Teachers provide feedback and coaching to writers, allowing students to share their own thinking
Teachers take notes on writing behaviors as he/she is conferring with writers
Teachers set up routines and organization for students to find writing tools

Resources/Course Materials: *

Write This Way From the Start- The First 15 Days of Writer's Workshop

Explorations in Non-fiction Writing

Crafting Non-Fiction

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Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

Teachers will be bringing in writing samples to practice scoring as well as videotaping and reflecting on their application of strategies for teaching writer's workshop in their grade level.