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GWC 500-26 Shifting the Balance

Ended Jun 30, 2021
1 credit

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Bismarck Public Schools

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Tina Pletan

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Literacy Coach

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(701) 214-8378

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Bismarck Public School

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

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Monday, June 30, 2121

Objective and Outcomes: *

What does Does research really say about beginning reading instruction?

What are the critical elements of beginning reading that set children up for success in learning the alphabetic system and learning to comprehend?

What is “alphabetic insight” and why is it so critically important?

How does phonemic awareness prepare the brain for later reading success?

How do I thoughtfully and skillfully teach children to decode without teaching them to be “word callers”?

What is the connection between phonemic awareness and the ultimate goal of comprehension?

How does the brain really learn sight words, anyway?

How can I ensure students have opportunities to practice skills both explicitly in isolation and implicitly in the context of connected texts?

How do I make foundational skills instruction engaging, relevant, and connected to comprehension?

How do I select the best texts for beginning readers? What about decodable texts? What role should they play?

What are the most effective ways to prompt beginning readers at the point of difficulty?

Resources/Course Materials: *

Shifting the Balance book.

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Course Certificate

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To receive the course certificate, the participants will need to complete all online modules.