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GWC 500-23 Responsibility-Centered Discipline Year Two

Ended May 26, 2022
1 credit

Full course description

Event Sponsor: *

Light of Christ Catholic Schools

Event Contact Name: *

Tracy Friesen

Position or Title: *

Academic Advancement Coordinator

Event Contact Phone: *

(701) 226-4113

Event Contact Email: *

Event Location: *

St. Mary's Central High School

Event Start Date: *

Monday, August 16, 2021

Event End Date: *

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Objective and Outcomes: *

• Identify the underlying causes of difficult behaviors in students
• Implement do’s and don’ts to address specific behaviors
• Integrate key strategies for migrating from an obedience-centered approach to a responsibility-centered approach
• Develop innovative ways to support positive behavior
• Apply strategies for preventing the escalation of difficult behavior

Resources/Course Materials: *

Initially the presenter will communicate with the administration in regards to the current implementation of RCD and areas of concern. The presenter will get direction from the administrator for the focus of the workshop, observation, and coaching. The schedule will vary to respond to the school depending on needs. The planned schedule for each workshop day may include:

• Observation of classrooms with Administrator to provide training and coaching to support educators in the “Give ‘Em Five” conversations
• Coaching for specific educators struggling with “Give ‘Em Five.”
• Observing the discipline process within a school from the classroom to the Administrator and back to the Classroom.
• Meeting with entire school staff and provide support and feedback on moving forward with RCD

The presenter will meet with Administration at the end of each session, about successful implementation and feedback on supporting educators in the process of RCD.
PLC's will provide practice opportunities for implementation and coaching.

Attendance: *

Session attendance will be recorded by administration

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

Participants will be have guided practices sessions for the implementation of information presented. Administrative coaching rounds in classrooms will evaluate the level of implementation and prompt and guide additional coaching rounds.