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GWC 500-31 The Purposeful Classroom is a Course

GWC 500-31 The Purposeful Classroom

Ended Nov 29, 2020
1 credit

$45 Enroll

Full course description

Event Sponsor: *

Erik Kolb

Event Contact Name: *

Erik Kolb

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Event Contact Phone: *

(701) 720-6745

Event Contact Email: *

Event Location: *

online - Google Classroom

Event Start Date: *

Monday, October 12, 2020

Event End Date: *

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Objective and Outcomes: *

1) Participants will identify how and why to establish purpose within their classroom.
2) Participants will be able to differentiate between standards, objectives, and purpose statements.
3) Participants will be able to craft purpose statements that are accessible to students.
4) Participants will be able to align classroom learning activities to established purpose.

Resources/Course Materials: *

1. Text: The Purposeful Classroom: How to Structure Lessons with Learning Goals in Mind
ISBN: 978-1-4166-1314-5
Authors: Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
2. Reliable internet and computer access
3. Gmail address for access to Google Classroom (personal is preferred)

Attendance: *

Google Classroom timestamp and instructor log

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

Students will engage in weekly discussion forums. Students will also complete a reflection and application summary in the final week of the course.