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GWC 500-17 North Dakota Foreign Language Standards Development

Ended Nov 30, 2021
2 credits

Full course description

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Event Contact Name: *

Davonne Eldredge

Position or Title: *

Assistant Director of Academic Support

Event Contact Phone: *

(701) 328-4525

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Event Location: *

ND Capital Grounds

Event Start Date: *

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Event End Date: *

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Objective and Outcomes: *

Participants will review best practices in foreign language instruction. They will review the existing state standards, national standards, and standards from other states in the area of foreign, sign, and indigenous languages. Information studies will be used to revise the current content standards for foreign language. At the end of this work, the participants will deepen their understanding of the standards and strong practices for teaching languages in the classroom.

Resources/Course Materials: *

• Comprehensible Input: The Key to Language -Learning Success
• Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition by Stephen D Krashen principles_and_practice.pdf (
• What is Comprehensible Input and Why Does it Matter for Language Learning by Ramsey Lewis What Is Comprehensible Input and Why Does It Matter for Language Learning? (
• What is Comprehensible Input? By Steve Kaufman
• Stephen Krashen Language Acquisition and Comprehensible Input
• Introduction to TPRS Introduction to TPRS (
• Supporting Heritage Learners Maria M. Carreira and Claire Hitchins Chick
• WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development (
• The Guiding Principles of Learning Languages Other Than English SEDL principles.pdf (
• Core Practices for World Language Learning ACTFL Core Practices Handout - Unofficial (
• North Dakota Native American Essential Understandings North Dakota Native American Essential Understandings
• Hess World Language Cognitive Rigor Matrix tool_5c_1.pdf (
• ACTFL - 21st Century World Languages Skills Map P21_worldlanguages.pdf (
• TELL – Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learners
• Native Languages of the Americas: Preserving and Promoting American Indian Languages
• STARTALK Resources drop down and the principle resources explain effective language instructional practices.
• National Foreign Language Center
• ACTFL – American Council on Foreign Languages
• NADSFL – National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Languages
• Annenberg Foundation World Language Resources

• ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
• Common European Frameworks of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment
• European Levels-Self Assessment Grid
• Sign Languages and the Common European Framework of References for Languages
• Lakota Language Standards and K-12 Curriculum Framework Lakota Language Standards & Framework 2011 (
• Oklahoma Standards for World Languages 2015 World Languages Standards.pdf (
• Standards for Learning American Sign Language -
• Kansas (Revised 2017) -
• Idaho -
• AERO (American Education Reaches Out) 2018 Worlds Language Standards and Benchmarks -
• Ohio (Revised 2020) Ohio's Learning Standards for World Languages and Cultures
• South Dakota (Revised 2019) 0319-WorldLanguage.pdf (
• Nebraska (Revised 2019) Nebraska-World-Language-Standards-Approved-September-2019.pdf

Attendance: *

Participants will sign in for each day of the work sessions.

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

Participants will actively participate in the discussions during the sessions. They will contribute to the writing process in their small groups. The product that will be created will be the published revision of the state content standards. The new learning may be used to support classroom lessons designed by the teachers throughout the year.