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GWC 500-12 Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had

Ended Jul 15, 2021
1 credit

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Nicole Szajkowski

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Nicole Szajkowski

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Math Staff Developer--Bismarck Public Schools

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(701) 323-4121

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Bismarck Public Schools -Hughes

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May 14, 2020

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June 4, 2020

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This course will provide research based strategies for meaningful and creative math classrooms. Teachers will learn about the NCTM’s 7 Math Teaching Practices and how to weave these practices into day to day math instruction.

Participants will engage in collaborative discussions relating to assigned chapters, participate in math activities, and reflect on the mathematical focus and application within their classrooms. Teachers will connect new learning to current curriculum materials and lessons used during core math instruction.

Participants will attend 6 1.5 hour sessions and complete 6 hours of reading / lesson planning / implementation & observation of math facts instruction within their classrooms.

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The text
"Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had"

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