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GWC 500-59 CHS Deeper Dive Into Technology is a Course

GWC 500-59 CHS Deeper Dive Into Technology

Ended May 10, 2019
1 credit

$45 Enroll

Full course description

Event Sponsor: *BPS/Century High School
Event Contact Name: *Mary Palmer
Position or Title: *Instructional Coach
Event Contact Phone: *(701) 223-4145
Event Contact Email: *
Event Location: *Century High School
Event Start Date: *Friday, September 28, 2018
Event End Date: *Friday, May 10, 2019
For credit review, indicate from the list below which University of Mary school the event most closely aligns with: *Liffrig Family School of Education and Behavioral Science
Objective and Outcomes: *Teachers will:
•Explore their own digital literacy.
•Collaborate with colleagues regarding classroom application strategies.
•Gain experience and confidence with technology, applications, and/or data in the classroom.
•Reflect on and learn from personal experience with technology.
•Improve and strengthen classroom practices to further student engagement. 
•Experience a blended learning environment.
Resources/Course Materials: *Resources will vary per teacher, but one of our common tangible resources will be our LMS, Gina Phillips, and our technology project lead at CHS, Daphne Heid. 
Other resources may include various apps, learnBPS, GoogleClassroom, etc.
Attendance: *attendance will be documented via their deadlines for posts and discussion responses.
Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

Participants will share reflections on their new learning as they participate in face-to-face discussion and/or online discussion throughout the course. Teachers will be asked to answer the following three questions in their forum post:
1. What new information did you learn this month in your Deeper Dive?
2. Which part(s) of your project or inquiry did you work on this Deeper Dive?
3. What is your hope/plan for next month’s Deeper Dive?

Teachers are also expected to apply their new learning, new skills/strategies/resources in the classroom and be prepared to share evidence on success or challenges to implementation. This sharing will be documented through
forum discussions and artifacts of reflection and learning participants bring to their face-to-face time.