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GWC 500-30 Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE and other special areas

Ended May 6, 2020
1 credit

Full course description

Event Sponsor: 

Gwen Hall

Event Contact Name: 

Rhonda Goetz

Position or Title: 

Instructional Coach

Event Contact Phone: 

(701) 323-4790

Event Contact Email:

Event Location: 

Bismarck Public Schools

Event Start Date: 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Event End Date: 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Objective and Outcomes: 

During this course you will learn how to: Open and close each period in calm, orderly ways Set students up for success by modeling and practicing skills and routines Use positive teacher language Engage students more deeply Refocus and recharge students with quick, fun, movement breaks Respond to misbehavior to get students back to learning.

Resources/Course Materials: 

Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE, and Other Special Areas Book


sheet

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: 

Students will:
Read assigned chapters and participate in a discussion
Apply new learning into daily practice in classrooms
Reflect and adjust strategies
Exit tickets
Observations and feedback
Staff share out