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GWC 500-97 School Psychologist as Counselor Book Study is a Course

GWC 500-97 School Psychologist as Counselor Book Study

Ended Dec 7, 2019
1 credit

$45 Enroll

Full course description

Event Sponsor: 

North Dakota Association of School Psychologists (NDASP)

Event Contact Name: 

Adam Christ

Position or Title: 

NDASP President-Elect / School Psychologist

Event Contact Phone: 

(701) 320-3969

Event Contact Email:

Event Location: 


Event Start Date: 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Event End Date: 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Objective and Outcomes: 

After this book study, participants will:
1. Describe how counseling fits into the larger role of the school psychologist
2. Be able to understand various approaches to counseling
3. Develop a counseling Individualized Education Program (IEP) that reflects the use of various approaches and include a plan for evaluating outcomes.

Resources/Course Materials: 

BOOK: “School Psychologist as Counselor: A Practitioner’s Handbook,” by Cynthia Plotts and Jon Lasser, National Association of School Psychologists 2013.
ISBN: 978-0-932955-59-3


Participation in discussions on Canvas

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: 

Participation in chapter reflection questions online. Completion of a 1-2-page reflection per outlining 3 things you would try in your current position--due at the end of the course. Reading (5-7 hours).