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GWC 500-89 Digging into the Science of Reading: Big Dippers Literacy Course at Sunrise Elementary

Ended May 6, 2022
1 credit

Full course description

Event Sponsor: *

Sunrise Elementary School

Event Contact Name: *

Elsie Sheldon

Position or Title: *

MTSS-A Project Lead for Sunrise Elementary

Event Contact Phone: *

(701) 204-2091

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Event Location: *

Sunrise Elementary School

Event Start Date: *

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Event End Date: *

Friday, May 6, 2022

Objective and Outcomes: *

This Science of Reading Short Course is comprised of five, self-paced online modules. Each module has clearly stated objectives, explicitly written background information, useful video demonstrations, numerous graphic illustrations, and a variety of downloadable resources and links. Based on adult learning theory, each module includes activities to reinforce concepts, intermittent feedback through the use of checks for understanding, and a final knowledge check to support mastery of concepts. The modules are based on more than forty years of research, including several foundational conceptual modules that explain how reading works. The following list includes the titles of each of the five modules covered in this course:
1. How Students Learn to Read: An Introduction to the Science of Reading
2. Structured Literacy
3. Word Recognition: An Encounter with Phonics
4. The Language Comprehension Domain
5. The Reading Comprehension Domain

Resources/Course Materials: *

Online Access to the Big Dippers Literacy Course ($100 paid by school)

Attendance: *

Attendance will be collected by course facilitator and recorded in Unified Talent at the end of each face-to-face session.

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

In addition to the self-paced learning through the online course, participants will share their learning experience through four face-to-face meetings for discussion and reflection. Tentative timeline for the course is as follows: Discussion and reflect on module 1 on February 3rd, module 2 and 3 on March 17th, module 4 on April 7th, and module 5 on April 21st.

Submission of Completion and Final Grades: *

Friday, May 20, 2022