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GWC 500-78 2017 NMSI Laying the Foundation is a Course

GWC 500-78 2017 NMSI Laying the Foundation

Ended Jul 28, 2017
2.0 credits

$90 Enroll

Full course description

LTF is more than just another professional development session; it’s an event offering educators a variety of opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and practice. Teachers who attend our training events receive:
• Specialized, hands-on, and engaging teacher education training designed by experts for teachers of any level
• Rigorous, online classroom-ready lessons
• Classroom-ready tools to meet standards
• Resources
• Vertical alignment across grade levels
• Ongoing support from expert teachers
• A focus on STEM education

Event Contact: 
Ann Ellefson 
P:  (701) 328-2488