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GWC 500-55 Purposeful Lesson Planning for Language Learners is a Course

GWC 500-55 Purposeful Lesson Planning for Language Learners

Ended Mar 29, 2017
1 credit

$45 Enroll

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Participants will:
• Explore and connect lesson planning considerations for ELs to your instructional context/materials and discuss ways to implement in your context
• Discuss ways to create meaningful contexts for language use connected to content concepts and skills
• Describe how the components of the WIDA Framework for Language Development Standards can support your lesson planning process
• Discuss the influence of sociocultural context and identity on student language learning
• Identify the strengths as well as language development and learning needs for groups of students
• Identify the academic language demands of teaching and learning in the content areas while considering student needs
• Develop language objectives connected to content learning

WIDA 2012 ELD Standards book – Available in the Download library at 
• Pre-training video:

Participants will have the option of writing a one-page reflection paper or documenting the sharing of the information learned with other staff back at their schools. This needs to be some form of presentation materials and sign-in sheets.