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GWC 500-44 BHS LITERACY PLC - FALL 2019 is a Course


Ended Dec 17, 2019
1 credit

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Full course description

Event Sponsor: 

Bismarck High School, BPS

Event Contact Name: 

Melissa Cournia

Position or Title: 

Instructional Coach

Event Contact Phone: 

(701) 866-9591

Event Contact Email:

Event Location: 

Bismarck High School

Event Start Date: 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Event End Date: 

Monday, December 16, 2019

Objective and Outcomes: 

Purpose of Grad Credit: To understand how BHS’s Instructional Framework increases student engagement and deepens thinking.

Graduate Credit through U-Mary - Pass/Fail
To receive a passing grade, participant must:
Participate in weekly PLC meetings.
Plan and implement best instructional practices.
Collaboratively evaluate student work.
Participate in the chosen path.
Reflect through discussion.

Resources/Course Materials: 

Resources vary based on the part of the instructional framework being examined.


excel spreadsheet

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: 

District Requirements for graduate credit:
- Includes a reflective component (Detailed Metacognition). Individuals identify a gap in practice, plan to learn and grow, and reflect on results.
o Identify the daily instructional practice(s) you need to improve on in order to most positively impact student learning.
o Reflect on current practice versus best instructional practices.
o Use reflection to revise instructional practice.
o Reflect upon the impact on student learning through collaborative analysis of student work.
o Reflect as part of the chosen path.
- Is shared beyond the group (Public Audience)
o Participate in whole-group sharing with BHS teachers.
o Participate in reflection with colleagues and/or instructional coach.