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Adventure in Orff Schulwerk for All Ages-GWC 500-25 is a Course

Adventure in Orff Schulwerk for All Ages-GWC 500-25

Ended Apr 27, 2017
1 credit

$45 Enroll

Full course description

General music teachers will have the opportunity to attend a workshop led by either Rob Amchin or Chris Judah-Lauder, both highly regarding general music and Orff-Schulwerk pedagogues. Additionally, teachers will attend meetings where they will present and share a lesson of their choosing. Opportunities for collaboration with other music teachers is highly valued, because many teachers are the only music teacher in their building or sometimes in their district. Attendees will participate in all aspects of the workshops-- these are hands-on learning opportunities, and after participating in the workshops and in attending the meetings, participants will walk away with lessons and resources ready to be implemented into their own classrooms. Please provide a detailed and concise description of the event: its purpose, how the learning event is organized, and the benefits participants will receive by attending. 

Participants will be engaged in and develop teaching skills using the Orff process. Guest presenters with strong backgrounds as teacher-educators will be brought in to lead workshops, and during meetings, chapter members will present their own lessons to be shared with the other chapter members. Participants will leave with a stronger understanding of the Orff process and have new lessons and resources to use with their own students.