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The workshop will showcase our Math, English, & Speech Early Entry faculty to be comfortable and competent using the OERs. To measure their confidence and competency as the school year progresses, we will ask the participating faculty to take an attitude/knowledge/perception survey pre-workshop and at the end of semester one. We believe that preparing the instructors to make the best use of OERs will transfer to the students feeling comfortable and confident using OERs, too.
The other focus of the project’s assessment will be directed at understanding the impact and use of OERs with student populations. It is important to understand how students use their course materials and if the use of OERs does not impact their course use, then their implementation within the course should not negatively impact student performance. Since it is expected that this project has the potential to impact retention, BSC’s Retention Coordinator will work with the Assessment Coordinator to assess the following:
• Student course material use patterns in classes with or without OERs
• Student perceptions as they relate to their course materials (traditional materials and OERs)
• Comparisons of standard course outcomes across courses with traditional and OER materials
• Comparison of course completion results across courses with traditional and OER materials
• Calculation of student savings as they relate to OER integration or high school/district savings for specific Early Entry courses.
Results of this work will be used to improve future college offerings and/or implementation of OERs. Additionally, these results could also inform other state or regional community colleges should faculty seek to present their results in a sharing forum.

  • Event Location: 

    Bismarck State College

    Event Start Date: 

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    Event Start Time: 

    10:00 AM

    Event End Date: 

    Wednesday, June 28, 2017

    Event End Time: 


    Event Contact:

    Marla Hagemeister

    (701) 224-2573