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GWC 500-16 2019-2020 Mentorship Program

Ended Jul 13, 2020
2 credits

Full course description

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Russell Ziegler

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Assistant Director

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(701) 258-3022

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Objective and Outcomes: *

It is important to remember that goal of a mentoring program when we are looking at measuring the impact. The goals of a mentoring program cannot always be quantified. Just like for our students, the assessments need to match the goals and objectives of the program. The mentoring program assessment should also match the goals and objectives of the program. This is where the difficulty comes in. The goal in a mentoring program is to help the mentor on a personal level, with a by-product of school improvement. As we look at the program purpose submitted above, a few need to be pointed out:
1. Improve the quality of educational leadership in schools and school districts.
2. Provide on-the-job professional development opportunities for school leaders new to the profession.
3. Create a linkage between theory and practice in educational leadership.
4. Give ongoing support and encouragement to new administrators.
5. Increase the self-confidence of the new school administrator.
6. Foster increased productivity and effectiveness.
7. Create better working environments.

Resources/Course Materials: *

Materials utilized were created at the ND LEAD center and utilized research from the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Attendance: *

Mentors submit log sheets of their contact with the mentees

Evaluation and Evidence of Learning and Application: *

Final survey of mentor and mentees on the program