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GWC 500-06 Miller Elementary Culturize Book Study is a Course

GWC 500-06 Miller Elementary Culturize Book Study

Ended Jan 21, 2019
1 credit

$45 Enroll

Full course description

Event Sponsor: *Miller Elementary, BPS
Event Contact Name: *Aly Weigel
Position or Title: *Instructional Coach
Event Contact Phone: *(701) 693-5690
Event Contact Email: *
Event Location: *Miller Elementary, Bismarck, ND
Event Start Date: *Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Event End Date: *Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Objective and Outcomes: *Participants in this book study will gain insights into what it takes to cultivate a community of learners who embody the innately human traits our world desperately needs. Also, they will be taking this study to better their ability to create valuable classroom and personal adjustments that can be made daily to create a safe and caring culture.
Resources/Course Materials: *Culturize by Jimmy Casas